Proven Solutions for Equipment Lubrication
  • The only melting lube bar that does not auto-ignite at less than 1000°F
  • Installs in one revolution of the kiln, reducing workers’ exposure to hostile environment
  • Reduces costly wear that results from scoring of the inside bore of the Riding Ring
  • Eliminates breakage of filler bar welds and retards wear of filler bars and stop blocks

Bearing Assembly Lube

TURBINE MAINTENANCE SOON? Balance*Align*Lift   Testimonials of BAL 200 Performance

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Consultative Services
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Lubricant Reference - Additives

While the general nature of additives may be the same for various types of lubricants, the specific types of additives chosen will depend upon the service in which the lubricant will be used and the characteristics of the base fluid. Laborious testing with the additives, both in the laboratory and in the field, is necessary to develop a suitable product.