Proven Solutions for Equipment Lubrication
  • The only melting lube bar that does not auto-ignite at less than 1000°F
  • Installs in 1-3 revolutions of the kiln, reducing workers’ exposure to hostile environment
  • Reduces costly wear that results from scoring of the inside bore of the Riding Ring
  • Eliminates breakage of filler bar welds and retards wear of filler bars and stop blocks

Bearing Assembly Lube

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Additive Replenishment Service

Enhance Lubricant Performance

Synthetic  Petroleum Lube Doctor

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Easy Bar - Rotary Kiln Lubrication

Easy Bar® is utilized by all major kiln manufacturers including Polysius, Humbolt Wedag, Metso, Andritz, Fuller FLS

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Easy Bar is a solid bar lubricant that is inserted between the tire bore and the kiln shell of a rotary kiln.  As Easy Bar melts the graphite and copper distributes precisely to the areas needed.

Easy Bar is your best solution to reduce the wear of the filler bar surface and the riding ring bore while also reducing the scoring of the stop blocks and riding rings.

Single Easy Bar StickHigh Auto Ignition Point (Greater than 1000 degrees F) Logo Easy Bar Case Picture



  1. Less wear on filler bars
  2. Improves and maintains creep
  3. Kilns and dryers require less maintenance
  4. Easy Bar is safer and easier to use than inferior lubricant bars and antiquated methods due to its high auto-ignition point of over 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.
  5. Safer to use by cutting workers' exposure time to a minimum in the hostile environment
  6. Cost effective.  The expense to Easy Bar is minimal versus the cost of repairing damage to kiln, replacing wear pads and filler bars, and shutting down for unscheduled maintenance.
  7. Environmentally safe.  Easy Bar completely evaporates leaving no residue or waste

How does Easy Bar work?

Easy Bar melts within 1 to 3 revolutions of the kiln. The liquid flows across the inside bore coating the riding ring and filler bars. The slope & rotation of the kiln distributes the copper and graphite leaving a dry, solid lubricating film. These high temperature solids fill in the surface imperfections resulting in a smooth surface.

Why you need Easy Bar ?

Easy Bar will extend the life of your pads beyond the normal 3-5 year period by improving the load carrying capacity between the filler bar and riding ring and by reducing scoring of the riding ring bore.  

Easy Bar prevents pad weld fractures and their migration into the kiln's shell.

Easy Bar cuts your lubrication time to a single revolution of the kiln shell, reducing your workers' exposure to the harsh environment of the kiln.

Easy Bar® has an auto-ignition point temperature above 1000 F. This feature ensures that the lubricant will not catch fire. Most petroleum-based lubricants have an auto-ignition point around 500-600 F.