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The highest quality solid lubricant bar in the world.  Specifically designed for Rotary Kiln Tire lubrication, Easy Bar is ideal for the Cement, Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Lime and Minerals Industries.

Saving Time, Money and your Equipment's Life has never been so EASY.
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BAL 200 Bearing Assembly Lube

TURBINE MAINTENANCE SOON? Our high viscosity synthetic lubricant is specifically designed for the maintenance and assembly, alignment and balancing of shafts and bearings on turbines, large fans and support equipment. READ TESTIMONIALS

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Save Thousands By Letting Us Make Your "Old" Service Oil "NEW" Again!

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About Us
Who is C&C Oil Company?

C&C Oil Company combines superior lubrication technology with modern facilities to serve you, the customer. Our product formulations are thermally blended with high viscosity index petroleum/synthetic base stocks and premium quality additives and are specifically designed to reduce friction/wear, improve cold flow properties and resist oxidation. C&C's method of selecting only the choicest base stock and additives translates into measurable reductions of electrical consumption and costly downtime, and substantially increases lubricant and equipment life.

With over twenty-five years of experience in the lubricant business, C&C principles have engaged an innovative concept of manufacturing and service well suited for a variety of customers, both large and small. Our ability to customize lubricants to enhance equipment efficiency and longevity adds real scope and dimension to new or already established preventive maintenance programs seeking to improve bottom line results.

Whatever the application, Industrial, Mining, Manufacturing, Pulp and Paper, Light/Heavy Equipment or Automotive, C&C can professionally and efficiently design products to suit your specific requirements. We believe that the integrity of our company depends upon customer satisfaction, and our promise of quality will never be compromised.


To support our industrial customers, we utilize our rotary kiln and dryer lubrication expertise to provide comprehensive process review and product application training. In addition to the EASY BAR® tire bore lubricant, C&C Oil Company custom manufactures traditional and synthetic lubricating oils and greases to meet specific customer applications for all aspects of rotary equipment.    ~ ALAN LOCKETT / PRESIDENT & CEO